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About the Author

Here you will find a mixture of meditations and musings as well as a compilation of helpful links, articles and papers. By writing my thoughts in the form of a public blog I am becoming better at articulation while at the same time hopefully stirring others up and inviting dialogue.

I am a confessional Christian who holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith.  In the past I was a baptistic modern evangelical who had attended a Calvary Chapel in NYC for about seven years, then after embracing reformed theology, became a member of the OPC for 10 years before moving to North Carolina. In North Carolina, we made a stop in the Associate Reformed Church (ARP) for three years before leaving a toxic church situation and joining the CREC.

While I am thankful for much of what I have learned and experienced in Calvary Chapel, I have come to realize that it greatly misrepresents the Christian faith as presented in scripture and expressed throughout historic Christianity. This blog is intended to expose those things and document the life and thoughts of a man who is reforming out of the modernistic presupposition.

Our bad experiences should never color our view of the church. The church is triumphant and there is no ordinary possibility of salvation outside of the visible church. The church is full of sinners, we are no exception.

Christ has ordained the church for the work of furthering His kingdom and knowing Him. In a fallen world, we must battle the consumeristic temptation to be in constant search for the perfect church.  We must also always take a stand for holiness, obedience and orthodoxy.