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Sola Scriptura’s Regulative Principle of Worship

by randy on April 21st, 2011

How are we to worship God? Can we use candles? Can we use dance streamers? Puppets? Does it even matter?

There are varying views on this and quite often you hear people rule certain things out based on their opinion that those particulars may serve as a distraction for others during corporate worship. Often these explanations make sense pragmatically, but have you considered that it makes the source of right and wrong in worship a matter of subjective opinion?

There is a principle that establishes that God’s word regulates what is and isn’t allowed in worship (and all of life). To the reformers it is part and parcel with sola scriptura. It’s called the regulative principle of worship. Brian Schwertley’s article, “Sola Scriptura and the Regulative Principle of Worship” makes the case for the regulative principle of worship (RPW) and explains a bit about what that means. Enjoy!

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