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Undergrad Paper on Lamarckian Evolution

by randy on December 23rd, 2010

I wrote this five page paper titled “The Effect of Christianity on Informing the Teleological Aspect of Lamarckian Evolution.” It was about the history of scientific thought from pre-Darwinian evolution to our modern era with a focus on racial and gender issues. I took every opportunity given to practice presuppositional apologetics within the bounds of the assignment, here is one of them. I believe this paper got a B+.

Here is a quote to wet your appetite:

By maintaining the purposeful, orderly and teleological nature of creation as it existed in the Christian worldview and rejecting the God who had dictated those purposes, men and women were left to themselves to determine what this purpose should be. Without the commandments and biblical suppositions acting as a restraint on evil, humanity saw some of its worst. Lamarck’s teleology had justified the concept of race. The development of the perfect race of human, as determined by environmental factors, had opened the door to declare the Caucasian as the crown jewel of creation rather than, as in Christianity, the whole of humanity itself. As such, the beginning acceptance of evolutionary thought in a distinctly Christian heritage resulted in the justification of the atrocities of imperialism and racial slavery within the past few centuries. This can be noted in contrast to the purely economical and military slavery that was accepted prior to enlightenment thought.

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  1. Linda permalink

    The first thought that comes to my mind from reading that portion i:

    How might you, then, also explain the eagerness of churches of the Western world from 15th century to the 19th century (and particularly during the “Rush for Africa”) to participate in the colonial venture?

    Did you discuss a particular aspect (failing one) of Christianity or some opposite point of the coin (as I mention above) and describe it in terms of some teleology or other philosophical paradigm?


    Does what you write there mean (or go into) how Christian organizations and groups have a different relationship to this L. Teleology, so that some of them are actually adhering more to the “godless” version rather than the “God-filled” version?

    I say all this because, as a product of the African Diaspora from two nations (Jamaica and the US), my history is filled with the Church using God to destroy and indoctrinate as well as the Church used and/or teaching and living the Gospel in order to liberate. There are two sides to the coin; and there is a long history of the Church itself being devoid (in general) of the Word in deed.

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