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Good Bible Teacher Syndrome

by randy on May 16th, 2010

The modern view of church as a preaching platform has a serious retardation effect on our perception of the Lord’s Day. It also effects those in search for a church and is no wonder folks can spend years as nomads, never settling down.

What do I mean by this? For many, church is merely a place where individuals meet to hear a sermon. It is manifested when people ask questions like, “how was church today?” and expect an answer concerning the sermon.  When this mindset is amplified, a good church is judged by the preaching skills of the primary pastor.  While there are elements of truth to this, church is more than a sermon and a good church should initially be judged by her doctrine.

As I have later embraced all of the means of grace, the Lord’s day has become much more enjoyable and conducive for worship. I no longer judge a good day at church by the 45-minute sermon.  If the Lord’s day is an objective day of worship set apart by God and the church you attend honors this day then there can never really be a bad day of Church.

As long as church in the minds of men is centered around any one man apart from the person of Christ it will always continue to be a hit or miss experience.

In case you missed my subtle use of the word “experience,” yes- I meant to use it along with all of its subjective individualistic baggage. The church at large has already done away with the objective view of the Lord’s day. It’s no wonder we join all of society and seek out personal experiences in worship as well.

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