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Why are the Reformed Always Trying to Convert Modern Evangelicals?

by randy on September 7th, 2009

It’s true… and I admit it.  Reformed Christians, at least those of us who have come from a modern evangelical background are burdened to convince our brethren of the grace, mercy and power of God that our previous congregations have so vocally denied.  But can you blame us?  The bible says in Christ comes GRACE UPON GRACE.  The depths of grace are inexhaustible and yet modern evangelicalism has exhausted it.  Our God is a powerful God who DID accomplish the salvation of His people on the cross.  He does not merely make possible, He does powerfully save.  Best of all, He uses men in evangelism and prayer as a means of pouring out this grace.

I too was once like you.  I use to read the scriptures that clearly taught man’s depravity through the lens of humanism.  After all- we are fed disgusting lies and contradictions that, “if you believe what the bible says you won’t evangelize or pray.”  As if faulty logic or pragmatism were the discerner of true doctrine!

Quite the contrary!  I believe that God is sovereign and that THE ENTIRE WORK OF SALVATION belongs to Him.  It is because my God is powerful, and it is because He can and DOES impart grace to those who are DEAD that I pray.  It is precisely for this reason that He has chosen to use MEN in this work of evangelism.

Modern evangelicals, don’t take this the wrong way.  But your religion is a return to Rome.  It is a counter-reformation that denies the power of God.  It is a movement that exalts men and feelings over truth.  It claims that there must be a balance of spirit and truth when in reality there must be ALL SPIRIT and ALL TRUTH.  Your scales are man made and your balances are broken…  RETURN!

I pray the mighty, powerful God that He continue to awaken the hearts of men.  That men will return to biblical theology and rather than crowning micro-popes they would return and join the historic church in preaching the gospel of our very powerful savior Jesus Christ!

Until then I will love you anyway.

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  1. BonelessChuck permalink

    I will say this can be unnerving….rather I agree with the doctrinal stance is beside the point. I know people whose whole Christian is about arguing a particular doctrine-rather it be Reformed doctrine or that one must go to church on the “Sabbath” (Saturday ). That is what their whole Christian experinece is about. When I was going to a Calvary Chapel (attended one for 12 years-3 others in the next 5 years-and have since left it completely) there was a guy who came to CC but believed Reformed Theology-he was constantly trying to sway people to his beliefs, it seemed to be a prideful challenge for him or he just liked to debate and argue. He tried to sway the youth and finally teh pastor had to kick him out and told him never to return. I mean seriously if you do not believe what a church is teaching WHY would attend it ? !
    This is one of the reasons I have decided and am at present not going to church anywhere. I am sick of all the whole “church” thing-its nothing but a social club where well off American’s can sip latte’s and listen to rock worship music, go to endless retreats, seminars, conferences, buy “Christian books and CDs, isolate themselves with only a “christian ” circle of friends, expect God to give them a BMW, sit up in thier $20 million dollar church buildings while Christians in Africa or China suffer, and yet we bemoan how bad we have it taht half our population is n anti-depressants (including Christians) or debate who has the correct doctrine. Not that doctrine is not important mind you- but its just all these things put together that have convinced that man has taken what Christ meant His Church to be and turned it into a work of the flesh and a man thing. I admit sitting under 15 years of CC teaching with a young arrogant apstor did not help my outlook-but I just have given up on the whole church affair, for now anyway. If I am in sin regarding this let God judge me-for He is the only One who can-I will no longer man to do so !

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