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My Letter to Dave Hunt

by randy on July 6th, 2009

I sent this letter to the Staff at TBC:

I just wanted to thank Dave Hunt and the staff at TBC.  I have come to an understanding of reformed theology and as I have begun to share it with friend and family many times Dave Hunt’s works and writing is mentioned.

Your writing has made it so much easier to share reformed theology with friend and family.  Since the arguments you make are so clearly biased, without substance or biblical & historical accuracy it is easy to point out the true facts and discredit your stance.  Even a five year old can read the scriptures and plainly give God the glory and honor He deserves for working salvation in men.  As I share the doctrines of grace with friends often I will use your books and writings to show the folly of the arguments they will face against God’s sovereignty.  I love it!

Your mis-representation of reformed theology, God’s sovereignty and grace is unfortunate but easily refuted and obviously apparent.  I would say keep up the good work… but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate.  I am praying the sovereign God for you and your ministry.

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  1. Christine permalink

    Being a part of Sovereign Grace ministries for many years, I was initially excited when I first found your page and saw the side bar. Then I read your entry boasting about your letter to Dave Hunt. Whoever you are and wherever your foundation comes from is irrelevant to me. If there’s one thing the body of Christ, the bride of Jesus, the family of God, needs to remember-it’s Prov.6. Six things the Lord does hate, yea seven are an abomination to Him…notice, ABOMINATION…a PROUD look…and those that sow discord among the brethren. Quit tearing apart a brother in Christ, making Christianity unattractive to a world that tears each other apart, and focus on the “edification, exhortation and building up” of the body…increasing in the knowledge of Jesus and His grace, and let’s let the world know we are Christians by our love for each other. Repent of the self-righteus pride you have of boasting about yourself and how you tried to put a brother in the Lord in His place and ask the Lord to give you a greater “fear of the Lord” and desire to not do anything that would grieve His Spirit.

    Sad. I’m not going to read any other entries but I certainly hope they are nothing like this one.

  2. Unity has nothing to do with refraining from pointing out error. The letter I wrote was cordial and polite. I could almost see you accusing Paul the Apostle for doing the same thing to Peter. He pointed out his error publicly, wrote it for everyone to see in scripture and brought it to council.

    If you really are part of Sovereign Grace ministries you would know how important the doctrines of grace are. Perhaps you are not familiar with Dave Hunt and how he bashes and lies about them.

    Your letter to me is much more stern, angry, divisive and without biblical warrant than anything I have ever written to Dave Hunt. I hope you see the hypocritical nature in your tone.

    Unity is not hiding our differences. Unity is a willingness to point them out and gather around scripture for discussion. We are to labor for unity, not ignore our differences. You sound more like a liberal. Christ prayed for unity, this isn’t a “truth is unknown, therefore to each his own” attitude. He said, “I in them and You in me that they may be made perfect in one.”

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