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A Psalter/Hymnal tells us what is wrong with Modern Evangelicalism

by randy on April 21st, 2009

I thought that was an excellent assessment and very helpful in articulating what is wrong with this modernistic post-enlightenment “Christianity”.  It comes from a Psalter/Hymnal.

In an answer to one of my questions, “how can we better engage the culture” Douglas Wilson responds, “We are not currently in a culture war, but we do need to get into a culture war.  But there are prerequisites.  Before you can have a war, you need weapons.  And before you can have a culture war, you need to have a culture.”  This is clearly a long-term goal.

Today’s Christianity has made peace with modernity as Wilson says.  This brief manifesto has quite a bit to chew on.  This has helped me make better sense of my discontentment with modern Christianity and what (at risk of sounding pragmatic) practical things we can do to combat it.  I think however that if we will make any headway in this area of establishing culture we MUST see to it that our children understand and carry with them the same mindset… and we must see to it that we truly understand the heart of the issue as well.  If this battle is to be a sustaining success it will not be won in or by a single generation.  While we ought to be expecting and desiring the Lords return, this dispensational ‘rapture ready’ mindset has crippled Christians to live for the now and forsake the future.  It’s no wonder modern Christianity is in such shambles.

Manifesto on Psalms and Hymns

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  1. Zac Martin permalink

    Hey Randy, pray things are going well at the new church. Douglas Wilson is one of those Federal Vision guys, just so you know.
    Good thoughts though.

  2. Yeah man, take it easy, let’s sort our priorities out first, after all, it’s not like He’s coming back tomorrow, now is it?

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