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How to refute Calvinism

by randy on March 20th, 2009

How to refute calvinism. from Randy Sofia on Vimeo.

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  1. Elizabeth permalink


    I love this! I have a family member that always gets annoyed with this subject. However, whenever we try to talk about it she always pulls the, “that makes us puppets on a string” argument. I always end up telling her that she’s arguing from “logic” (a.k.a. man’s wisdom) and has yet to show me a verse that supports her position. We usually end up changing the subject. Anyway, I had a feeling you were going to end the video the way you did, but I just started cracking up when you actually did…especially when you mentioned reading Romans 9 a couple of dozen times. Thanks! We’ll keep praying for wisdom in articulating the Scriptures with clarity!

    Mrs. Hankins

  2. David Emme permalink

    Hi brother,

    as a alvinist-even if I probably agree with much of what you are teahing here-just for the fact you vocalized what some of the common accusations and objetions as being robots or violating the free will of man. Now listening and seeing the links and think perhaps you are saying the opposite compared to what you started with.

    Anymore no matter what, I tend to embrace and then agree with with the accusation:

    You believe God will force us to get saved! My reply amen!-why is this such a bad thing and then never get an answer.

    When acused of teaching God is making robots of us all, I give an ever louder amen-twice. Again I aski why is this so bad-oh yes free will.

    I bring two things up about this-first-the angles flying around the thrown of God had their free will subjugated to God and do not think they have a problem with that. I would dare to say if all of a sudden God wants to make you or me flying around the throne Of God-never asked this but I think(at least for me) would want to give this up in this world to fly around the throne of God.

    The second part is basically-they did not have robots back then but they did have slaves (KJV servants). Is it better to be enslaved to a holy and loving God? Of course thisis the essece of Christ in Philippians 2 and we are not greater then our Lord!

    I will be bookmarking your site and let others in differet comuities and let them know.

    When I start getting my blogs set up hopefully(this is not the reason I stumbled in here) you an send some people my way. For me I am doing blogs on specific doctrines and pratices. The two I am working on now, “David is a Robot for God” and “Jesus is my Saviour, but he is not my God”

    You can see where I am going with the second one.

    Thanks for this site and all you do to stand for the truth!

    God bless
    David Emme

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