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Six Things The Gospel is Not

by randy on December 8th, 2008

These are six things promised and offered by the humanistic, man centered, false gospel preached and accepted by many “conservative” Christian churches today. None of these are what was ever presented as the gospel or the motivation for accepting the gospel by Jesus or the Apostles. If Jesus or Apostles preached this, they would have never been persecuted.

1. A promise to fill ones emotional needs and desires.
(Emotional Pain Relief, Happiness, Joy)

2. A promise to satisfy ones out of control materialistic desires.
(Fill the void you’ve been trying to fill with relationships, gadgets, cars, money, friends)

3. A golden parachute to get you out of hell and into heaven.
(Modern CEOs request clauses in their contract called golden parachutes that assure them a lofty reward in the event they fail as CEO and are fired as a result. This allows the CEO to slack off and make poor decisions without fear. Jesus didn’t come to save anyone and everyone from hell so that they can continue to live in sin & rebellion without fear. Jesus came to make possible repentance through the forgiveness of sins so that we can live a life seeking after and knowing God! The condition isn’t that the person merely wants to get out of Hell and into Heaven. The condition is that the person wants to now live for God and recognizes that his sin and rebellion leave him separated from God and deserving of His wrath. The true gospel is the solution!)

4. A promise to make this life easier or any better.
(Matt 7:14)

5. A promise of health, wealth and prosperity here on earth.

6. A call to be more moral.

The Gospel is: good news to those whom the father draws to Himself (Matt 11:27; John 6:44, 65; Acts 2:39; Acts 13:48; Romans 9:9-24). It’s for those who want to know, worship and live for the true God but recognize their life of sin and rebellion against Him render them separated from and deserving of His wrath. The good news is that by faith in the atoning work of Christ, repentance is available. That by grace we may know and be right with God now and through eternity. Our sin no longer hinders us and the requirement of the law no longer burdens us. The good news is that in my inability God is able to Justify, Sanctify and Glorify me for His good purpose and pleasure.

But you say, “people don’t want to know God and they won’t ‘accept’ Jesus unless you offer them something more appealing.”
That is exactly what is wrong with modern Evangelical Christianity! Salvation is a miracle of God and God will never be appealing to a totally depraved man unless God is drawing him. If the true gospel is not appealing enough for a man then shame on you for offering him something else.

But you say, “it works! when I offer people emotional happiness/bliss and an escape from hell they desire it and accept Jesus.”
My answer to that is: what god hating sinner wouldn’t want emotional happiness/bliss and a golden parachute to save them from Hell? Even Satan would desire that. That’s not the requirement of salvation and those who accept Jesus on that basis are not accepting the biblical Jesus but the Jesus of their imagination. It doesn’t work. You have successfully made a false convert. “It works” or “look at the results” are never the litmus test for proper doctrine. “Is it biblical?” would be more appropriate.

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