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Lies, Rumors and Gossip. Barack Obama, John McCain and my Mom

by randy on October 15th, 2008

Hey Christian,

Admittedly Obama is not the biblical choice for president…  But lets stop lying, gossiping and rumoring about him.  Whether the person is Barack Obama, John McCain or my Mom; lying, gossiping and spreading rumors are sin! You blindly send these e-mail forwards and chain letters and you don’t check your facts.  I get e-mails about what books they are reading, what quotes they are saying and what songs they are singing and 99 out of 100 times YOU ARE WRONG!

So what it’s a picture from CNN! So what there are some quotes from so and so!  So what it promotes the very cause we stand for.  Ninety-nine percent of the time, IT’S NOT TRUE or the implications it makes are NOT TRUE.

We pride ourselves in disassociating with the world and their pseudo intellectual pursuit of false wisdom… But at the same time we reject biblical wisdom: we gossip, we lie and we spread rumors.

We pride ourselves in being bereans.  Searching the scriptures to assure ourselves that the doctrines we believe are biblical and accurate.  Yet when it comes to secular facts and rumors we blindly pass them on.  Check your facts, include references, be biblical.

I want the world to consider me a fool on the basis of the cross.  Not for my anti-academic antics, misconceptions, conspiracy theories and course jesting.

Send me truth!

 Prov 18:7-8; Prov 21:23; Prov 11:12; 1 Tim 5:13;Romans 1:29b

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  1. Sean Fallon permalink

    You want truth?

    It does NOT consitute “gossip” when people are stating FACTS with the intention of educating the public to prevent them from voting for a racist who spent over twenty years attending a racist church, associated with a domestic terrorist, voted 4 times to sanction the murder of babies who were born fully alive after failed attempts at abortion, has a Marxist ecomomic policy, and seems to base military decisions and attitudes on hatred for George W. Bush rather than love for America. In fact, it may even border on the sin of complacency or cowardice to fail to share that information.

  2. So long as you make sure what you are sending is true.

    I agree. Obama is a poor choice for president… but that’s no excuse for sending irrelevant and falsified information no matter how badly you’d like to prove your point.

  3. Christine R permalink


    You seem very irate about this situation. I do not even know who you are, nonetheless you sound like a brother-in-christ who knows his word and is disappointed in the behavior of his other brother and sisters-in-christ. The only advise I can give is we need to extend to another exhortation of truth in love, truth with grace and truth with mercy. I hope the Holy Spirit ministers to your heart and soul for the sake of the body of Christ which is our glory and joy for those who are Pastors and Leadersheep who are trying to advance the truth in love.

    God Bless,

  4. Hi Christine,

    It was a general e-mail sent to hundreds of people. It wasn’t a rebuke to any one single person but the church at large and if it was taken personally, my apologies. The challenge and exhortation to Christians to be stewards of truth is a serious one. Was the e-mail offensive? Perhaps. We are all guilty of gossiping, we are all guilty of spreading false information. Certainly we are all guilty of forwarding e-mails with false information.

    The fact that it is e-mail makes it so much easier to do, in essence we just click a few buttons and it’s done. Because it is so easy we can quickly dismiss the fact that it can also be sin, we can dismiss the fact that it can do great damage, and we can dismiss the fact that it is an abomination to the Lord! My objective was to be shocking and alarming. In dealing with crowds often Jesus did the same. Once even driving the crowd to hold Him over a cliff (Luke 4:24-30) and finally to crucify Him on a cross.

    Of course we want to share the truth in love and if my e-mail didn’t come across that way again my apologies. Nothing personal.

  5. Hmmm, so Obama may not be tne Biblical choice, makes not a lot of difference. Polly tics just makes no sense to me. It is one of them things that are just too high for me to get to the depths of. I guess that if I wasn’t sitting in the heavenlies looking down on all this, I just might be a little concerned. Sure am glad that God is in control and as the book of Daniel says or is it the book of Denial? – Guess it all depends if you belive it or not. Yeah, anyway, as the book of Daniel says (quite a few times) God places the highest of men and the basest of men in power. What kind of man Obama will be I don’t know but God has placed him in a position of power for His purpose, not for America’s.

    I used to pray for the right man to be elected but as time has passed and as I have read the book of Daniel, I have come to realise it is God who is in control and He doesn’t make mistakes, now I can do nothing but praise Him for the choice He has made. (I did say polly tics were above my head)

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