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Finding the will of God… The Pagan Way

by randy on March 29th, 2008

Speaking of checking our beliefs and traditions against scripture… What’s God’s method for us of knowing His specific will for our lives? Has the church drafted un-biblical methods of doing so?

Would He have us close our eyes and pick a verse in scripture? Would He have us seek confirmation in license plate numbers as we drive to work? Count the number of times we hear a certain word and consider it confirmation? Silence our mind, pray and wait for a word to pop up? Close our eyes, think of something and try to feel a sense of peace?

Are any of these the methods taught in scripture for knowing Gods will? Or do they sound more like the pagan rituals of divination?

This looks like a good book that might challenge the way we ‘Hear from the Lord':

“Finding the Will of God: a Pagan Notion” by Bruce K. Waltke

CBD is kind enough to provide the first ten or so pages for your reading pleasure.

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