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My friends: the Jews

by randy on September 21st, 2007

Several years ago while a student in college I was handing out flyers for the Christian club on campus during an event and ran into a group of Hasidic Jews. Under normal circumstances they wouldn’t have paid any attention to a Christian, but I had something that was apparently very valuable to them. My mother is a 100% full blooded Jew, which in their book makes me a Jew as well.

Before I knew it I was surrounded by Jewish students, some in black suits, some dressed like secular students, they just as curious as I. At the center of this crowd was myself and a Rabbi who began conversing with me and questioning my faith in Jesus.

To this day that experience has given me so much more insight into the Jewish people and a real life glimpse of, in some part, the life of Jesus and his conversations with the Pharisees.

From then on I could not escape being berated by random Jews who would constantly catch me in the cafeteria eating a cheese burger. I could not escape being invited to feasts and synagogues, and I couldn’t avoid debating scripture in the student lounge, library, class or wherever I would go. I attended a Saabath celebration where I was questioned for not ceremonially washing my hands prior to eating and angered a well-known Rabbi by pointing out a contradiction in his book. I at one point was even offered a fully paid 7-day trip to Israel including flight, hotel and food at no cost to myself (which I ended up turning down).

I am by no means complaining. In fact I enjoyed it. Through all these things I was forced to dig deeper into the scriptures. I was forced to understand the Jews modern view of Messiah. I read about, in their own writings, the Jewish view of Messiah prior to Jesus’ coming and witnessed their changed view after His coming. I learned about the Talmud and Jewish Oral Tradition and experienced first hand its exaltation over scripture, the very thing Jesus spoke about.

Recently, in fact yesterday, I met up again with one of them for the first time in several years… and I was reminded again of all these things and how many interesting things I have to share. So be looking forward to some insider facts, pictures and nuggets about the Jewish faith and how it’s still like the faith of the Pharisees and the Jews who had gone astray many times in the days of the prophets. Look forward to snippets from Jewish Oral Tradition that proves Jesus WAS and IS the Messiah and how their views have changed as a result.

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