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Book of Genesis encoded in Chinese language

by randy on September 13th, 2007

The book of Genesis speaks of a world-wide flood (Gen 6:13-22) that destroyed all the inhabitants of the earth except for a man named Noah and his family. The earth was then re-populated by those sole survivors (Gen 9:1). Noah was the father of all nations and if this is true- it would only make sense for other cultures to contain an account of the historic flood, the events prior, and any later events the culture shared with the Semite ancestors who wrote the book of Genesis.

Interesting enough there are dozen of cultures that have a flood account in their oral tradition. There is also an ancient culture that has the events of the book of Genesis encoded into its language, the Chinese.

Ancient Chinese writing consisted of a series of word pictures or pictographs which combined separate features to express a idea or concept. Look at how these Chinese symbols use biblical references:

Chinese Character for Garden

God made man out of the dust and breathed life into the two persons who lived in the enclosed- Garden.

Chinese Character for Boat

The biblical boat/ark consisted of a vessel of eight people.

Chinese Character for Temptor

There are many more. These links may be of use in researching it for yourself:

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  1. Randy, you have a really interesting site here. I’ve bookmarked it and will come back to check on it again and again. It’s filled with things that really hold one’s interest. Great job!

  2. Bill permalink

    You should check out the book “The Discovery of Genesis”. It goes into this much more throughly.

    Check out the chinese for Happiness.

  3. Mark Merklinger permalink

    Very interesting stuff Randy. However it is not a good idea to include any references to “dr” dino as he has been thoroughly discredited on numerous issues as well as his current incarceration due to breaking tax laws.

    • randy permalink

      Agreed! I don’t know how that got there. I think I got the images from him and wanted to give credit where credit was deserved. Since the link is broken now, I will remove it.

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